In August 2018, LOOK UP acknowledges our awareness as a humanity gifted with earth, but destined to explore our greater universe. 

And, as in the past, these explorations will continue to provide revolutionary technologies that benefit all of us on earth.  

Look Up is a movement

For 24 hours, around the globe, let’s LOOK UP and share with each other what we see. Recognize that we share not just the same origins, but the same sky. And a growing ambition to be mature enough to leave home. Share our thoughts and dreams for the future. And a path forward. Propose an activity in your school, workplace or town that will highlight what you learn from the sky. Take pictures of the sky, and share what you see.
Comment on your thoughts as you LOOK UP. Define a good path forward. For 24 hours around the globe. Share them and we will create a tapestry of our experience, hopes & dreams and connectedness as Earthlings.   Sign up here to connect with those interested in building a LOOK UP community. Help design the project. We have some great ideas and initiatives planned. They will be even better and more impactful with your support.

One Sky App

A “ONE SKY App” will be created to facilitate participation. The images, knowledge and information will be captured to build a multimedia experience that will be available worldwide. The ONE SKY experience will be realized through the integrated creativity of individuals across the spectrum—from visual and performing artists to scientists, technologists, engineers and anthropologists to policy makers, to schools to businesses.

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LOOK UP is an international movement to galvanize people from all walks of life, on a single day, to acknowledge that we are Earthlings.

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